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Album artwork of 'My Aim Is True' by Elvis Costello

My Aim Is True Elvis Costello

There is a remarkable confidence to the record that you wouldn’t usually expect from a debut, which is a testament to Costello’s immense musical capabilities.

Album artwork of 'Rocket to Russia' by Ramones

Rocket to Russia Ramones

There’s a mindlessness to the instrumentation, lyricism, and vocals that is devoid of surprises. The 32-minute runtime blasts by as a blur of repetitive noise.

Album artwork of 'Joy as an Act of Resistance' by Idles

Joy as an Act of Resistance Idles

Joy as an Act of Resistance is refreshingly sincere and positive in a time where artists are finding it easy to sensationalise and despair.

Album artwork of 'Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables' by Dead Kennedys

Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables Dead Kennedys

Dead Kennedys' iconic debut still boasts some of the most brilliant and uncompromisingly cynical songs that punk has ever seen.